Did you know?

The pet grooming industry is not regulated. I am sure anyone with a pet has heard stories of pet related injuries, and even death.  A lot of pets are injured because of being in a crate with a dryer attached and not being monitored. 

Pet groomers do not need a license or certificate of schooling in order to trim, wash or brush even sensitive areas like a pet's ears, nails or teeth.

Unlike hair stylists, veterinarian technical positions and even some kennel attendants, which require degrees or at least a certificate of completion, dog groomers have no required courses to complete. That's the case nationwide, no matter if groomers operate out of a vet's office, in their own shop or in a van. This also means there are no regulations on the cleanliness of the work area or sterilization of the equipment and tools used.

Tips on choosing the right groomer:

Tour the facility: You would not get your hair done if the surroundings were not clean, etc. Your pet deserves the same!.

Ask questions: It's important to know how many dogs a groomer is seeing per day. Accidents happen more often when a groomer is rushed. Find out what a groomer's policy is if an accident occurs.

Know their background: If a groomer did not attend a pet grooming school, another way to learn the trade is to work as an apprentice under another groomer. Find out where and how they learned their grooming skills.

Get a referral: If unsure about a groomer, ask your vet, friends, or family members if they would recommend a particular groomer.

Schedule a meet-and-greet: Have the groomer in question meet your pet at their facility. See how the groomer interacts with your pet. It's important that an animal is comfortable at a grooming kennel or in a truck before being left alone.

Keep them in the loop: Be sure to tell a groomer about your pet's medical history and personality. The more a groomer knows about a pet, it's less likely mistakes will be made.

Jenn invites everyone to take a look at the grooming unit at anytime! We take pride in our work area to be clean and organized before, during and after every client!